LUSOMedia will have a new Internet Video Channel (ON the GO Channel 4 for all) that will be streaming your videos 24/7 Starting in September… So start sending us your videos of what ever you’re doing as long as there’s no nudity, try to keep language clean if we have to ad bleeping it will take longer for your video to air… So no matter What part of the world your in send us your music videos, your sports videos, your family videos, your vacation videos, what ever it is will air it as long as it’s clean… However we do hold the right to not air some video clips at our discretion...  Some of the video clips could end up on our Aqui California TV Programa that airs on Saturday 9:00 AM and Wednesdays at 7:00 PM, on Cable Channel 184 and our Internet Channel 5.. Thanks Have FUN.

Send us Your Video

This Channel will be On the Air 24/7

Satrting in September.


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